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Our recruiters deliver both direct-hire and interim solutions for healthcare organizations across the United States, recruiting exclusively in specialized healthcare professions. 

Learn what’s made our brands the top recruiting firms in their respective professions. 

About Us

Why are we the best?

Hutcherson Healthcare Services specializes in providing top-notch recruiting services through our various brands, each of which excels in their respective field. Our clients range from large for-profit healthcare systems to academic medical centers, community hospitals, and critical access hospitals.

Recruiting Process

Our brands have built out some of the most innovative and exhaustive recruiting processes in the industry, and applied the processes directly to specialized areas. We first leverage our existing relationships for matches, then ultimately expand to a nationwide search.

Candidate Pool

Each of our brands operate with the largest, most accurate databases within their respective industries. Dedicated recruitment teams spend all of their time forming relationships with experienced healthcare professionals

Valuable Feedback

We take pride in being transparent with our clients regarding a candidate’s interest. We provide regular updates and valuable feedback about the opening, sharing trends and insights regarding what we hear about the opening and the hospital itself.

Recruiting Services

We're here to help

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled talent acquisition solutions for healthcare organizations nationwide. Our teams of experienced recruiters specialize in identifying and placing highly qualified candidates in specialized healthcare professions.

Our direct-hire and interim solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, and have consistently proven successful in reducing turnover and minimizing recruitment costs.

Executive Search

Flexible solutions for all healthcare facilities

Our commitment to tailoring our recruitment approach to the specific needs of each client has made us a trusted partner for many healthcare organizations, and a leading brand in our field.

Contingency Search

Add your position to a list of other similar positions our recruiting teams are searching.

Retained Search

Hire a recruiting team to dedicate 100% of their time to fill your position.

Interim Search

Fill short-term voids with interim staff that remain on our payroll during the term of assignment.


What they're saying about us

TA Supervisor - Kelly Wolfinger

An exceptional hiring partner. Detail oriented, quality-focused, and receptive to changes in strategy and candidate feedback to ensure a successful long-term hire. Absolutely an invaluable go-to resource for our team.

Chief Quality Officer - Sue Ellen Tabor
Mead is a very professional person, well spoken and definitely extremely dedicated to his profession. I felt from the first time I spoke to Mead that he would be someone I would enjoy working with to help me with my next step in my career.  I was right.  Our conversations have been pleasant, easy and convenient.  Mead has also looked out for my interest both professionally and personally and this was truly a great example of the “going above and beyond” attitude that he expresses.  
Manager Leadership Recruiting - Amy Hume

We’re happy to have the opportunity to work with you again on leadership positions for our Quality team!

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