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Interim Search

Interim staff fills short-term voids within client healthcare facilities and remain on our payroll during the term of assignment.

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Our agencies deliver the quickest turnaround time in the industry, providing strong, experienced, certified specialists and leaders.

Hassle-Free Solutions

Interim candidates are employed by Hutcherson Healthcare. We charge your healthcare facility one all-encompassing hourly bill rate. That bill rate covers the candidate’s wages, housing, travel, background check, drug screen, insurance, payroll taxes, and more.

Innovative Processes

We take a unique approach to the recruiting process, distributing unique rich-media content through multiple channels, in addition to more traditional methods.

Established Relationships

Our recruitment teams are dedicated to specific healthcare fields, spending all of their time creating valuable, long-term relationships with passive candidates.

Screened and Qualified

We thoroughly screen all candidates on the front-end guaranteeing that every candidate we present will match all requirements and be within the provided salary range.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically we place our interim candidates on six month assignments, however the terms of all interim contracts are negotiable. 

You can cancel the existing contract at any time with a 30 day notice. 

We can extend all assignments on a month-to-month basis following the initial term of the contract. 

The cost of an interim varies significantly based on the position, location, and experience of the candidate. The healthcare facility would be billed one all-encompassing hourly rate. 

You are free to offer an interim candidate a permanent position. If the candidate accepts the position, a one-time conversion fee of 25% of the candidate’s first year salary is applied.

Once a signed contract is in place, we will take down the specific criteria required for the job. At this point, we will begin screening candidates and sending resumes your way, along with an attached hourly rate. You will then decide if you’d like to interview each candidate presented. 

Typically you will have resumes to review within 48 hours.
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