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Healthcare Quality Recruitment

Nightingale Talent is the only recruiting firm in the United States that exclusively recruits within Healthcare Quality. With decades of experience within the Healthcare Quality realm, our recruitment teams are experts when it comes to the Healthcare Quality profession. We’ve partnered with many of the most influential Healthcare Quality leaders to make a significant impact within the space. 

Healthcare Quality Recruiting Solutions

Our recruiters deliver both direct-hire and interim solutions for healthcare organizations across the United States, specializing in the area of Infection Healthcare Quality.

Learn what’s made Nightingale Talent the number one recruitment firm in the nation for Healthcare Quality professionals.

Innovative Processes

We take a unique approach to the recruiting process, distributing unique rich-media content through multiple channels, in addition to more traditional methods.

Established Relationships

Our recruitment teams are dedicated to specific healthcare fields, spending all of their time creating valuable, long-term relationships with passive candidates.

Screened and Qualified

We thoroughly screen all candidates on the front-end guaranteeing that every candidate we present will match all requirements and be within the provided salary range.